What we do...

WATER RIGHTS, INC. (WRI) is a multi-disciplined natural resource consulting firm dedicated to providing comprehensive services to industry, government and individuals.
Lee Yelin
Founder and President

Lee has more than 30 years of experience in water rights and water resource related projects.  His expertise are vast, with extensive knowledge in the water right permitting process, interpreting historical documents, maps, land uses and aerial photographs, Montana Water Court decrees; restoration projects such as stream bank stabilization and mining reclamation; pond permitting and installation; ditch laws and maintenance issues; wetland delineations; and hazardous material remediation in soils and aquatic medium.   

Lee started WRI after 10 years at the DNRC.  He began private projects and consultation in 1992.  Lee's expertise in water rights and resources is unsurpassed in the State of Montana.


Brennan deArrieta
Geologist and
Projects Manager

Brennan is a geologist and water rights specialist with a vast know-how in GIS mapping, the water rights adjudication process and the DNRC water right requirements.  He is the backbone of the company and oversees client court cases, decree analysis and Water Court proceedings.  

Jeff Silkwood
Geomorphologist and
Projects Advisor

Jeff is a geomorphologist and a published cartographer with extensive knowledge of GIS and spatial systems analysis for surface and groundwater, and natural resource restoration including streams, rivers and wetlands.  He conducts hydrologic investigations, conducts water rights research, assists with water rights permitting and provides water rights evaluation and documentation. 

Angela Morgan
Aquatic Biologist and
Environmental Specialist

Angela is the company fisheries biologist and botanical specialist.  She also manages the hazardous materials department.  Angela has a broad knowledge base and is effective in everything from fisheries enhancement to editorial feedback. 

We're a Missoula based water resource consulting firm, with expertise in water rights, stream and pond projects, and environmental cleanup. We look forward to hearing from you.  
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Lee Yelin, President