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WATER RIGHTS, INC. is a multidisciplinary natural resource consulting firm dedicated to providing comprehensive services to industry, government and individuals. We offer services in aquatic enhancement (rivers and ponds), environmental site assessments/clean-ups, water quality monitoring, hydrology, irrigation design and scheduling, land use planning, riparian and wetlands, soils and vegetation, surveying, engineering, real estate, and water rights. Water Rights, Inc. offers prompt, responsive and economical services for all natural resource and environmental issues.

Geoduck Land & Cattle

Dillon, MT

Water Rights, Inc. helped this large scale cattle ranch defend its rights throughout the Beaverhead Basin Adjudication. WRI went on to work in conjunction with the MT Bureau of Mines and Geology to develop an in depth hydrologic model of the Beaverhead basin to help the ranch effectively adjust to evolving irrigation requirements and application efficiencies.


Burnt Fork Ranch

Bitterroot Valley, MT


WRI conducted Phase I, II, and III environmental assessment and cleanup on the Burnt Fork Ranch in southwestern Montana. The property was changing hands, and for decades had been neglected and abused, as a dumping place for old vehicles and toxic chemicals. WRI identified and mitigated the environmental hazards, and mediated between the buying and selling parties.

Pease Ranch, Inc.

Lambert, MT


As an interface between the private land owner and the state regulatory agency, WRI assisted a small cattle ranch in testing wells for aquifer suitability and with the permit application necessary to use water in Montana. The permit application frequently requires sophisticated aquifer test equipment and analysis techniques, but allows this small ranch to supplement the dubious seasonal rainfall with the consistent deep groundwater.

Bitterroot River Trout Habitat Improvement

Bitterroot Valley, MT


When homeowners near the Bitterroot River wanted to improve fisheries habitat near their homes, WRI prepared the necessary floodplain and streambank stabilization permits​. We went on to oversee construction of trout reds and woody refuge, and are happy to report that the fish have moved in and seem content.



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