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You need answers and results. We make sure you get them.

Water Rights, Inc. is a mulch-disciplinary environmental consulting firm with a broad base of expertise and experience. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the office for more information on how we can help you out.

Basin Adjudication and Water Right Management


We use current Supreme Court claim examination procedures to accurately evaluate all of your water right claims (priority date ranking, reliability of water supply, research documentation of historical use, acreage determinations, flow rates and ditch capacities, chain of title searches and personal interviews).  Additionally, we professionally assembled reports provide you with recommendations to resolve any potential conflicts, discrepancies, or issue remarks on your water rights.​​

This ensures that your rights are represented with the best supporting evidence possible throughout the statewide Basin Adjudication process. When contradictions and disputes arise, this information is indispensable in defending the integrity of your water rights.



Water Rights, Inc. assists in establishing new water rights and/or changing existing rights.  In fact, we prepare all types of water right applications, objection forms, and notices.  Our permit applications include all required data (historical and current), including aerial photographs, site maps, flow measurements, drainage analysis, irrigation and/or pond water requirements and materials that assist you in obtaining the permits you need…fast.​​

WRI specializes in acquiring permits from many State and Federal scale agencies, including:

Montana DNRC

- Form 600 - New Appropriations

- Form 606 - Water Right Change

- Closed Basin mitigation

Floodplain and Streambank

- 310 Permits

- 404 Permits

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Environmental Sampling and Remediation


​Water Rights, Inc. provides technical support for all avenues of environmental sampling and remediation. Whether your project requires a Phase I Environmental assessment to determine marketability, an in-depth methamphetamine abatement, or a detailed groundwater monitoring plan, WRI can help you design a strategy that meets your needs in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Water Rights, Inc offers:

- Phase I, II, III Environmental Assessment and cleanup

- Licensed methamphetamine testing and abatement

- Ground water quality monitoring and contaminant modeling

System and Infrastructure Design

Maximize the capacity of your appropriated irrigation water.  We determine optimum crop scheduling, complete thorough ditch and system loss studies, relocate points of diversion, and design entire irrigation and conveyance systems. We determine crop and irrigation requirements for all types of soils and irrigation system designs.  WRI makes the transition from flood to sprinkler irrigation efficient and economical by implementing our own professionally engineered designs, including headgates, partial & Cutthroat flumes, all types of weirs and conveyance ditches/pipelines, and gravity flow designs.  We then monitor system operation.  We use salvaged water (salved water through more efficient use) to irrigate additional acreage.​​

Hydrogeologic Project Support

Water Rights, Inc. offers full service hydrogeologic support for a variety of problems. Our technical staff are adept at monitoring network design, water table mapping and aquifer delineation, well design, aquifer testing, and surface water/ground water modeling. Whether you need a well designed and installed, or require contaminant monitoring from a leaking gas tank, our staff are ready to help.

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Riparian & Wetlands

  • Floodplain designation and permits

  • Wetland inventory and delineations

  • Stream inventories

  • Stream permitting - 310/404/318

  • Fisheries evaluation and habitat enhancement

  • Pond design and construction


  • Topographical mapping

  • Floodplain mapping

  • GIS mapping

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